The installation of optical fiber to a junction box (node) in a neighborhood (business area) that serves a few hundred customers within a radius of about a mile. The connections from the node to the customer premises often use DSL overexisting telephone wires or coaxial cable (DOCSIS) from the cable company. Speeds are up to 100M download 10M upload.
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
DSL is an asymmetric service available over your existing telephone line, and is offered in both 6 and 12 Mbps downstream connections, with upstream speeds dependent upon location and line condition. DSL is also available in two flavours: PPPOE and Ethernet PVC . DSL is a consumer service, and is not recommended for mission critical applications. Dynamic, static, and subnet IP addressing options are also available.
EOC (Ethernet over cable)
Ethernet over Cable (EoC) Is perfect for small and medium sized businesses looking for fast, yet cost effective internet services. It can also complement or replace last mile fiber reach by providing cost effective, private layer 2 connectivity to hundreds of thousands of sites across cable footprint. EoC is an excellent alternative to T1 and DSL accesses that no longer meet current speed requirements, or as a diverse network option to improve availability Speeds of up to 500M download and 20M upload.
Dedicated fiber is the most reliable means of moving and transferring data and providing internet. If you use the internet to access any applications in the cloud, to back up data or have VOIP/SIP phones, fiber will be your best choice. Fiber is suitable for mission critical services, and for those with demanding hosting requirements. Dedicated Access offers up to 1Gig connections over dedicated fiber lines, and are available in major metropolitan areas. Fibre is suitable for mission critical services, and those with demanding hosting requirements.
Dedicated Access offers wireless access using symmetrical, point to point services from 1.5M – 100M connections. Wireless access is perfect for high speed bandwidth requirements, redundancy, private networking and the best alternative for connectivity to those remote locations. High Speed Dedicated Access Connection – T1, E10, and E100 offer highly reliable service, and are appropriate for mission critical and high capacity networks. Wireless WAN support’s many different services which can be layered on top of the network including VPN, Voice, Data and Video. As a result of utilizing the most efficient switching technologies, coupled with advanced NLOS (Non Line of Sight) technologies, our network out performs the competition hands down! As a customer, you have the ability to take advantage of Redundant OC-3 (155Mbps) Internet backbones which results in guaranteed up-time.

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